Why I Abandoned My Blog (and still wrote this post)


I churn out dozens of blog posts each month, mostly under other people’s names. Businesses hire me to get acquainted with the work they do and write about it; every so often, public figures ask me to write the content they don’t have time to piece together. I fell into the ghost-blogging niche by chance, and I love it.

In addition to blog posts, I craft marketing materials and billboard copy, business plans and brochures. I’ve written glossaries and artist statements, case studies and social media captions. And by the end of the day, all I want to do is get out of my head. No more words, I think to myself.

So I pick up my camera. (Here's a photo of a dog from the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. You're welcome.)


Monday through Friday, I write for others. For law firms and hospitals, startups and financial advisors. I still get the odd proofreading or copyediting job. No matter the gig, I find myself buried in language. Bombarded with it.

And I’ve given up on my blog because after a day of writing, the last thing I want to do is write more.

My awareness of this—the trace of burnout in the back of my mind—keeps me energized while I tackle paid work. My clients’ projects deserve my full attention, and if casting my own blog aside is what it takes to stay motivated, then that’s okay.

So I’ve cut back on writing in my spare time. I’ve filled the void with my camera, shooting landscapes and portraits on weekends, casting my computer aside and going out into the world with my Pentax and a bag full of lenses.

Yes, I’ve abandoned my blog—but I’m a better writer for it. A better photographer too.