Share your thoughts with me, and I'll put them into words. I write blog posts, website copy, manuscripts, and marketing materials for a variety of organizations and individuals, capturing their voice to drive conversions and sales. As a copywriter and ghostwriter, my priority is to maintain a tone that's authentic to you and your brand.



At this stage, you have completed your content, and are looking for a second pair of eyes to ensure the text is error-free. Rather than restructure your writing, I will examine your work for consistency and make corrections as needed. This service involves light editing for grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation using the Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word.


A more thorough service than proofreading, copyediting consists of correcting errors, rearranging sentences to improve flow, and checking for major discrepancies. In addition to proofreading, I will ensure consistency in capitalization, hyphenation, punctuation, and content in order to generate a clear, gripping final product using the Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word.


Social Media Marketing

Social Consulting

I offer social media consulting services for businesses looking to boost their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. I have a number of tips and tricks in my arsenal, including which times to post each day, and how often. I'll walk you through the best ways to build an organic following, and provide professional photography and content that's authentic to your brand. Work with me, and we'll put together images and captions that drive engagement.



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